People often say, "HELP! We don't know how to pose for photos." Good, don't pose! 

Just be yourselves, love each other, hang with me, and we'll make art together all day. 

It's easiest for me to tell your story when I'm in the flow of it, in the feeling of it. I love interacting with guests and catching the real story. My work is best when we get to know each other, and the more you let me in, the more of your story I can tell. I'm not gonna go to a big party and just stand there, so be prepared for my ridiculous dance moves and don't be surprised when people ask if you've known the photographer since high school. 

It's an honor to be welcomed into someone's circle for their big day. I thank all of my couples for collaborating and sharing their joy. 




Timeless. Effortless. Authentic. Imagery.

Before your photos arrive, you'll remember just standing there in your dress, BSing with me and your partner. But once your photos are delivered, you'll see those moments frozen, bigger than they even felt. You'll be sent straight back to your wedding day emotions. You'll be like, Cory just put us by that tree and told us a joke--I didn't know we looked like a freakin magazine cover!

I capture real moments and show you how amazing they truly were. 


I hate wedding videos! 

That's why I started making them. Didn't want my friends to be stuck with some wedding video-y wedding video, so I started gifting them fun, heartfelt videos that really told their story and represented their weird, unique relationships. 10 years later and here I am, telling your authentic story and bringing a ton of fun while doing it.

I'll show you moments you missed because you were too busy being in love.


"Do you like doing photos or videos more?"

Both! And if you book your wedding photos and video with me, you'll get a 10% discount on the video package. I bring a videographer, free of charge, and I work with a network of amazing videographers that match my shooting style. 

Check two things off that to-do list at once.